Wide Angle - Ident

I've collaborated with Brand Pie, a London based branding agency, to produce this 10 second animation. After creating the initial logo and iconography for Wide Angle, a global internet security company, they were keen to explore what could be done in motion to explain and celebrate the concept of the branding even further. We used wireframes of mountain landscapes and created the first part of our animation to give a sense of scanning, a key part of the company's remit. The logo elements were then recombined and interlocked to emphasise the safety aspect. Rather than use an existing soundtrack we created bespoke sound design to further increase the sense of scanning and locking into this video.


Directed by
Saulo Jamariqueli

Marcela Ferri

3D animation
Saulo Jamariqueli

Saulo Jamariqueli
Mauro Rader

Sound design
Saulo Jamariqueli