To launch a campaign showing the advantages of food vouchers for employers, employees and restaurants, we focused on the concept that a little goes a long way for everyone involved. Using tactile illustration, we highlighted how a small change can make a big difference by contrasting colourful papercrafted foods to illustrate the minimal cost involved in providing a better service. What better way to start your day then having some red milk? For a midday snack from your local supermarket, a blue sandwich perhaps? After work a nice relaxing dinner that comprises of a delicious purple steak and French fries. I was one of the creative directors on the project.


Client: VIA

Agency: AIR / McCann

Creative Direction
Jaime Kiss & Saulo Jamariqueli

Joost Zoetebier

Jaime Kiss
Victoria Bee

Art Department
Victoria Bee
Jess Deacon

Director of Photography
Arash Fatehi

Camera Operator
Jess Deacon

Post Production
Jaime Kiss
Victoria Bee

Sophie Hardcastle

3D Pre-Visualisations
Victoria Bee

With special thanks to G. F Smith, purveyors of finest paper