THEY COME - Short Film - Kickstarter Campaign

THEY COME is a short film inspired by an old myth that originated shortly afterthe Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. So the story goes: In the middle of NASA’s final simulation tests in the Arizona desert, the Crew were approached by a Native American who convinced Neil Armstrong to deliver a message to the souls of hisancient ancestors who—he claimed—now resided on the moon. Upon returning to NASA HQ, Neil sought out a translator who, while trying to keep a straight face, revealed the meaning of the message: “Do not trust a word these men say, they come to take your land.”

The Story (on surface level) is a joke, a punchline; a prank played on a Government Agency by a suppressed people famously and historically marginalized by the Colonization of European settlers who’s manifest Destiny drove them to claim the entire continent, to the cost of anything standing its way. As we move ever closer into the frontiers of space, one wonders whether our motives are any different to the conquistadors of the past. In a time when both the country, and the world, feel more divided than ever, we feel there has never been a better time to tell such a simple yet powerful story.

THEY COME was one of 30 scripts selected by Sundance Collab among 2000 scripts submitted worldwide.

We are now in the production phase and trying to raise money for the shoot. Our Kickstarter Campaign is will be out on March 3rd.