This film is part of an on-going personal project by Dirk Rees to document some of the tribes of Africa. They focus on the young warriors of the Samburu tribe who are a semi-nomadic community based in the Central Rift Valley area of Kenya.

These young warriors live separately from the rest of the community and will not eat or associate with the women. You can distinguish them by the elaborate beads and the hairstyles they wear. They have a very proud and graceful appearance. Dirk's aim was to spend time with the tribe and to capture the essence of the Samburu spirit and their unique flair.

We produced the soundtrack, edit and grade.


Directed by
Dirk Rees

Camera DOP
James Layton

Editing, Grading
Saulo Jamariqueli

Luca Sammuri

Special thanks to
Saruni Sambura & CEO Ricardo Orizio

Andrea, Emmanuel, Francis & all the staff at Process Photography

Equipment supplied by
Direct Photographic
Brownian Motion