Jonny Byers

Studying music since the age of 9, in this short-film Jonny Byers tells a brief story of his relationship with the 300 year old cello from Venice and performs J.S Bach Cello Suite in G Major. The film is a collaboration between Saulo Jamariqueli, Dirk Rees and The Secret Warehouse of Sound Recordings.


Directed by Saulo Jamariqueli Dirk Rees

Producer Saulo Jamariqueli

Direction of Photography  Saulo Jamariqueli Dirk Rees

Sound Recording and Mixing The Secret Warehouse of Sound

Camera Operators Saulo Jamariqueli Deniz Kavalali

Studio Producer Rowan Costello

Editing and Color Grading Saulo Jamariqueli

Creative Consultancy Craig Kind

Shot at Park Village Studio

Thanks to Corin West Yasmin Khan Eolande Diaz