Google +

To launch the Google+ app feature #thisplace, we were commissioned by AKQA San Francisco to produce a 60 second spot using our distinctive paper style. Working with a talented team of 3D animators and paper artists, we were able to seamlessly mix tactile, handcrafted elements into stunning digital sets – all within a very tight deadline.


Client: Google

Agency: AKQA San Francisco

Directed by
Saulo Jamariqueli & Jaime Kiss

Saulo Jamariqueli

Art Direction
Clayton Junior

Art Department
Andreas De Ridder
Cintia Bertaccini

Stop Motion Animator
Andreas De Ridder

3D Artists
Andy Needham
Duncan Worrall
Sam Trimitrimi
Saulo Jamariqueli

Post Production
Saulo Jamariqueli

Soundtrack Composer
Luca Sammuri

Sound Design
Luca Sammuri