Daddy Finger - Short Film

A busy mothers' attempts to connect with her 4-year-old son are derailed as the pair become increasingly obsessed with a seemingly innocent, yet deeply disturbing YouTube nursery rhyme.


In 2007, an anonymous YouTuber uploaded a nursery rhyme to YouTube called Daddy Finger. Since then, more than 10 million different versions have been made, amassing billions of views. 

The disturbing truth behind these videos is that the vast majority of them aren’t made for children. In fact, many of the videos are algorithmically generated, uploaded and designed to be watched by bots– not kids– in a bid to exploit the YouTube ad revenue system. 

The sheer number of videos uploaded every minute (approx. 300 hours) make it impossible for YouTube to properly monitor, police or protect. 

Subsequently, the content is unfiltered, uncensored and in many cases, inappropriate and unsafe for children. With the ever-growing trend of Parents using their phones to ‘babysit’ their children, kids as young as 18 months are exposed to violent, sexual imagery at a time when their brains are still developing. If you haven’t heard the song already, you will soon. Welcome to the deeply twisted and disturbing world of Daddy Finger.

A FILM BY Craig & Saulo 


Scarlett Redmond as Monica
Miles Pugh as Jake
Craig Kind as Mark
Taylor Hart as the Anchorman

Written by Craig Kind & Edward Jenkins
Director of Photography - Saulo Jamariqueli
Editing, Motion Graphics, VFX & Color Grading - Saulo Jamariqueli
Assistant Director - Los Silva
Executive Producer - Monica Jenkins
Producer - Trevin Valentine
Music - Luca Sammuri
Sound Design and Mixing - Burak Topalakcı
Illustrations - Clayton Junior
Drone Operator - Adrian Santos
Gaffer - Michael Dominic
Grip - Steven Jonatan
Sound Operator- Cem Dursun

Special Thanks for the Support

Alyssa Funari
Léa Carreño
Col Sturge
Alexander Gribov
John Mittelbach
Chris Vickery
Scott Fetters
Jan Stassen
Anthony Lucido
Vinnie Lucido
Damjan Pita
Bruce Kran
Maxwell Kangkolo
Nadia Abou
Taylor Steinberg
Marija Vojvodic
Steffen Staeuber
Eric Crisp
Jay Banks
Monica Jenkins
Emerson Hoff
Mary Solorzano
Kim Valentine
Nicki Fulton
Adam Haines
Eron Umberg
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