Canesten - TVC

We were commissioned by JWT Frankfurt to develop a new branding style for Canesten worldwide. They wanted to completely change the style to tackle a hard and complex subject in a simple and illustrated way. Together with the agency and client we developed characters and design for their TCV's and POS global campaigns.


Client: Bayer

Agency: JWT Frankfurt

Commissioned by Film Club Production

Directed by
Saulo Jamariqueli & Jaime Kiss

Character Development
Saulo Jamariqueli
Jaime Kiss
Sabine Fureder

Producer @ Film Club
Ru Warner
Sue Loughlin

Producer @ Nearly Normal
Carol Porcel

Paper Engineering
Cintia Bertacinni
Jess Deacon
Marie de Beaucourt

Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Aleksander Saharovsky
Saulo Jamariqueli

3D visualisation and design
Saulo Jamariqueli
Sabine Fureder

Post Production

Shai Hamias
Kirk Hendry
Saulo Jamariqueli

Polly Lindsay